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Sony Playstation 



Experiential  | Activation | Digital | Print | Apparel


The Ask

We were tasked to create buzz and hype for upcoming summer gaming across Ontario. With the focus on 18-25 year olds.


The Solution

Bring gaming to school with the ultimate Playstation Varsity tournament. We created an entire activation and tournament around finding the best players around 8 University campuses in Ontario


My contribution 

I was apart of the initial idea and pitch, down to the digital media, on site apparel and print ads, to the social media campaign and website. This had been one of the first projects I was able to take a design lead and full creative control over the look and feel and direction we took the idea in


Creative Director: Kelly Kirkpatrick
Art Director/Designer: Jonathan Agomaa
Copy Writer: Jeremy Richard

Developer: Exclaim



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