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Cheesy's Pirate Adventure

Digital | Promo | Illustration | Game Design

The Ask

To develop a pirate themed Cheestrings adventure to deliver prizes and increase product purchase.


The Solution
Unlike other years, this was the first promotion to utilize instant prizes. To 
accommodate for the change and to promote users to keep playing, we developed an system that the user can always feel like they are winning! Each time a game is played users can open a treasure chest that could include ship parts, gold, or an instant prize. 

Creating this additional level of game play required us to create a fully customizable ship on the microsite. So users can both play games while countinuing to build their pirate empire.


AD/Designer: Jonathan Agomaa
Copy Writer:
Emer Schlosser


Website Component

The microsite was fully illustrated using both hand drawings as well as vector counterparts. The microsite also consisted of a customizable homepage and ship, requiring to create multiple ship pieces and version of our characters. This promotion was the most intensive in terms of assets to create for one microsite. 



Game Component

Players who logged in were treated to three different games that had the chance to award them a chest that may include an instant prize! The games were both fully illustrated and incorporated many subtle animations to create a richer ocean environment.



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